Reflections on User Interface Design Stage 1

I have been involved in a number of website development projects in the past.  The discussion on typography has been very interesting for me since it was something that I previously (largely) took for granted.  In website projects in the past, I employed a UX consultant.  This course has given me a far better understanding of the work that my UX consultant did.

The discussion of navigation and the benefits of using conventional design has also been beneficial in my Web Programming course.  While this course is not specifically about UI, using bootstrap for UI elements means that users are familiar with the look and feel of the basic elements of UI.

Finally, over the last few weeks, I have noticed that our group work is sometimes lacking in coordination.  While the loose egalitarian model that we have used offers great creative freedom, and all of the individuals in our group have great enthusiasm and personal drive, enthusiasm sometimes trumps consideration and planning, meaning that elements of the plan are either forgotten, or ignored.  While this is less than ideal, I think this is simply the cost side of the equation for this model.  The only question to consider is whether this cost is outweighed by the benefits, and I think it is.  It is none the less, an area which I will watch carefully to try to mitigate this shortcoming.