Professional Philosophy

To me, the term “professional philosophy” is about the application of ethics to all aspects of one’s professional life. I have long believed that ethics should be the cornerstone of personality, and not simply a workplace facade.


Leadership is about enabling others to achieve more than they could otherwise.  Mentoring is a special kind of leadership, in which you take an interest in a person, and not just the current task.  I was very lucky early in my working life, to come across 2 such mentors, who took a special interest in my professional development, and are always willing to help me to this day.  I am always seeking ways that I can pay these kindnesses forward.  For this reason, I have volunteered as a mentor to the 2015 intake of Bachelor of IT students.

Pay It Forward

I am not spiritual, but I believe in a certain kind of karma.  In my view, while the universe is not karmic, humanity is.  Therefore giving to others, without expecting in return is the most effective way to improve, not just the workplace, but the wider world.

An Open Mind

Critical thinking is a skill which is too often missing among people.  These skills enable the careful and unbiased analysis of situations.  Removing ego from such processes and considering each idea on its merits will always produce superior results.


Clear and concise communication is a must, and sadly, it is often missing in the IT industry.  The ability to plainly state things as they are, and avoid unnecessary complexity and obfuscation leads to better outcomes.  Unambiguous communication means everybody is on the same page.


Through my fairly extensive travels and my inherent interest in different customs, cultures and people, I have come to have a high level of tolerance and understanding of people who have a different background.  This includes differences of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, culture and language.  We have more in common than different.  In this vein, diversity within organisations and groups often results in a more creative solutions.  So when it comes down to it, the intolerant and bigoted are really the ones who are missing out.