Workshop 9 – Usability Testing

The workshop for this week was to develop a testing plan, then put that plan into action by having a member of our group role play as a test subject.

Our Test Plan

  1. What are your testing goals and objectives?

Identifying any obstacles (if they exist) to finding information on, and enrolling your kinds in the kindy.

  1. What are your research questions?

How easy is it to find the information that you need?

How easy is it to enrol your children?

  1. What are your participant characteristics?

Parents tend to be security conscious especially about their kids details, they are also price conscious and focussed upon convenience.

  1. What method will you use?




Background questionnaire

Orientation script

Pre-test questionnaire



Start recording

Introduce observers


Collect data



Post-test questionnaire




  1. What is your task list?

Find details of certification?

Find out about facilities?

Find out about fees and charges?

Find the location of the kindy?

Enrol a child?

  1. What is your test environment?

A web browser.

  1. What role will your moderator have?

I will sit in the room with the participant while conducting the session. I will introduce the session, conduct a short background interview, and then introduce tasks as appropriate.

  1. What data will you collect and what measures will you use to evaluate it?

Perceived amount of time and number of steps

Usefulness of terms and labels

Appropriateness of information required to complete enrolment

  1. How will you report your results?

Results will be documented in a report which will include raw data and the recommendations.

Results of testing

  • Certifications were “proven” by the qld government logo at the bottom of the home page
  • Facilities were proven by the images and writeup on the home page
  • User is not sure where to find information on the fees and charges.
  • Task needs to clarify exactly what is required. User found the location address/map after 20 seconds.
  • User clicked on enrol on the nav bar almost immediately, but was then seemed unsure.