Workshop 8 – Design for Content

For this task, we were given some content to include in an interface. We had to design this content for our interface by applying the content design principles:

  • First we decided how we would organise the content (by question, topic/task, product type, information type, people, time/sequence)
  • Next we selected topics and headings.

Divided the content into sections and created headings.

  • Decided on the style

Our content is going to be a double sided full colour handout.

  • Divided the content (consider the pyramid)

We decided that the first paragraph was quite acceptable as it is for our purpose.

  • Do you need to use layers? Structure these if needed

We decided that layers were not practical for this document.

  • Do you need to use lists and tables? Structure these if needed

We experimented with using tables and lists, but settled on a simple list for the videos.

Raw Content Provided:

8 Design for Content Workshop

Designed Content: