Workshop 6 – Design Tools

We were tasked with developing a software product for the university bookshop. The software will be available through a kiosk installation within the bookshop, and it will allow customers to develop book lists for the general books, text books and research texts that they need each semester.

Using personas, we were tasked with deciding which roles we think would be required for this product and follow steps 2-4 to develop a set of personas for one of these roles. Then complete steps 5-8 for one of our personas.

  1. Identify behavioural variables for each role (Activities, attitudes, motivation)
  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Necessity
  • Prefer physical books
  • Preference for owning books
  • Technology knowledge
  1. Map interview subjects to behavioural variables

We each filled our a brief questionnaire in which we scored each behavioural variable on its importance to us, with 0 being totally unimportant, and 5 being very important.

Cam Chirag Scott David
Price 5 4 0 3
Convenience 2 3 4 4
Necessity 3 1 4 4
Prefer physical books 5 5 4 4
Prefer to own textbooks 2 5 5 3
Tech savvy 0 5 5 5
Simplicity 5 5 4 4


  1. We next identified significant behaviour patterns in the data:
  • Convenience
  • Prefer physical books
  • Tech savvy
  • Simplicity
  1. Then we synthesised characteristics and defined goals for a persona.UniStudent
  • Name: Richard
  • Demographics: student, low income, early twenties
  • Goals:
    • He aims to quickly accomplish his tasks and get on with his studies.
    • He is a impulsive buyers who doesn’t like to look around of different choices.
    • He would rather pay more to get stuff done more conveniently.
    • He likes to use technology that makes his life simpler, not fond of personally engaging in technicalities of machines.
  1. Check for completeness and redundancy
  2. Designate persona types
  • Primary target audience
  1. Finally, we expanded the description of attributes and behaviours

Richard is a 22 year old Griffith University student that buys textbooks if he needs them for a course. He prefers to be able to find books easily and quickly therefore convenience is important to him. Richard prefers to own a physical copy rather than an e-book but will have both if required. Richard is very Tech savvy as he is an IT student but would rather simplicity in his interactions with technology.