Workshop 4 – Design Principles II

1 Activity

“Don’t make me think” – does your design follow the ideas outlined in this principle? What do you need to change?

  • Login box should conventionally be top right
  • Logo in top left for reasons of convention
  • Buy tickets needs to be more conventional button
  • Map is superfluous to the core functionality
  • Location can be determined where available

Home Page – if you didn’t design a home page last week then design one now. If you did design a home page, then review and revise based on the principles

Designed a home page to occupy central part of app when no details have yet been decided.

Did you use conventions in your design? How could you use conventions to improve your designs?

    • Hamburger button
    • A more standard layout
    • Move the login options to top right
    • Conventional buy button
    • Location detect icon is apple arrow on ios, and android crosshairs on android, and a checkbox on desktop

Do your designs support the human tendency to scan rather than read? What do you need to revise to support this principle?

Yes, by having all of the primary elements to the left, then using the right for results, this tendency is already met.

Would your design work on a touch screen? What might you change or implement for that delivery?

Yes, that has been accommodated already.

Have you inadvertently included functionality choices based on your own views, rather than a more universal view?

We as a group discussed this issue thoroughly.  We all have a tendency to see things from our own perspective, so changing perspective to that of our target market allowed us to make unbiased decisions.  As a result of this technique, me made fairly significant changes to our design.

Revised user interface design


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