Workshop 3 – Design Principles I

1 Activity – designing a travel planner

In this workshop you will apply some of the basic design principles we’ve discussed to the development of a travel planner. In order to make design decisions you will first need to sketch the background for the application.

Who is the audience for this planner? Define some high level characteristics (age, income, education).

The target audience of our travel planner is:

  • Business Airline Travellers
  • Age: 30+ years of age
  • Income: $100,000+ per annum
  • Education: Mostly University Educated

What is it that they will want to do with this planner? Identify the main functionality that your planner will deliver.

  • The planner will allow a user to identify which town/suburb they wish to travel to, and various flight options including multiple airports will be offered.

Decide on a platform – what device will host the planner, and where will it be used?

The planner will be a web based application which uses responsive design to allow use on smart phones, tablets and desktop browsers.

2 Activity – design principles

Text: how will you display text in this interface? Why?

Text will be in a sans serif font, with a high level of contrast for ease of reading.

Colour: decide on a colour palette. Justify your choice

The colour scheme will be cool neutral colours with feature colour of a shade of blue.  The reason for these colour choices is that cool colours convey authority, while choosing fairly neutral tones maximises contrast and therefore readability, while also appealing to a broad range of tastes.  The blue feature colour symbolises the sky, while also evoking peacefulness, expertise and calm emotions in the web visitor.

Images: what images will you need? What style will you use? Why?

  • our design will make minimal usage of images, but partner airline logos will be used to reinforce the sites legitimacy.
  • stock imagery will be selected for its complimentary colour palette, while also evoking luxury, and refuge within a busy world (for example, a plush airport lounge).

Sound: does your interface need sound? What will or won’t you use? Why?

  • sound is likely to be a distraction from our site, as such, we will not be implementing any.  We also anticipate business people accessing our site while mobile, and sounds tend to be lost in these environments.

Layout: what do you need to consider for your layout? Sketch some layout ideas, and justify your choice.

In the rush of trying to produce an overly detailed image, our team diverted from some of our design principles.

Travel Planner - initial design layout