Workshop 2 – User Research

1 Activity – Task analysis

For the activity shown in the AEC video:

Identify the high level task that the AEC officials must complete.

There is a single high level task under which all of their activities fall.  This is to provide full and accurate count of the electorates voting.

Break this high level task down into 4 to 8 subtasks. These subtasks should describe the flow of work that an AEC official undertakes.

  • Ensure ballot slips are only given to valid voters
  • Ensure all ballot slips are accounted for
  • Ensure security of ballot boxes
  • Under scrutiny, accurately count ballots
  • Submit counts to Divisional Returning Officer

How would you describe an AEC official? What are they like? What do they need to deal with as they perform their work?

They are precise, efficient and highly accountable.  They are closely scrutinised by a number of parties.  They need to deal with both the general public as well as electoral officials, candidates, and of course the scrutineers.

Perform an open card sort

Cardsort-1 Cardsort-2

You can click the images to view full size, but due to the poor quality of the photos of the actual card sort, I have reproduced the results electronically below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.39.56 am

We decided to sort the cards on the basis of the role which would undertake each task.  we further sorted them chronologically to give a sense of the order in which the activities are undertaken.

We felt that 2 cards did not belong in the groups.  The first was “Official selects polling station” while the other was “Identify polling station”.  This was because the Officer in charge would be assigned a polling station, and allowing the him/her to select from multiple polling stations would be a risk to the integrity of the vote.  The second item, “Identify polling station” is a task which would be undertaken by a higher level official, and well in advance of polling day.

We further felt the need to create a card for “Open polling station”.  This was created as it seemed to be a critical task, which must proceed the beginning of voting.