Workshop 1 – E-Portfolio

Choose one of these job postings

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Take notice of the skills required for the position.

  • Extensive knowledge and experience driving and applying the user centred design processes
  • working collaboratively with customers and teams

Which of these skills do you already have?

I have strong collaboration skills which I have developed over 15 years of working in IT teams.  I have the ability to speak simply of complex concepts, as a way of bridging the gap between technical specialists and non-technical people.

How would you show a prospective employer that you do have these skills?

  • By discussing real situations where I have been in this position.  Elaborating upon the circumstances and specifying the details of the technical and non-technical people who were involved.
  • An Example:  While working for a Brisbane software firm, I was designated as a liaison between a number of technical teams (support teams, the software development team), trainers(who teach clients to use the software) and the clients.  I became so effective at this role that I attended a number of trade shows and even performed sales demonstrations for the product.  This was in spite of my regular role as a hardware support engineer.