Learning Showcase

I am currently studying 2 separate Bachelor Degrees.
Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Expected Major: Software Development
  • Campus: Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Full time
  • Expected graduation: end of 2016

Why am I studying this?

As a long time Information Technology professional, I felt that I was no longer feeling challenged by the IT support work I was involved with.  My decision to study a Bachelor of IT was an effort to broaden my knowledge of IT, and simultaneously delve deeper into a new area of this broad field.

Bachelor of Arts
  • Expected Majors:
    • Ancient History
    • International History
  • Campus: University of New England, Armidale
  • Part time
  • Expected graduation: end of 2023

Why am I studying this?

I have had a passion for history since my childhood.  My first visit to Europe in my early twenties really piqued this interest, then I chose to study it for my own personal benefit.  While I don’t anticipate ever working as a historian, the study of history has many benefits to other fields of work.  It has a strong analytical and critical reasoning component, stimulating a type of creativity that is sometimes lacking in the IT industry.  It also helps to develop communications skills, including skills of persuasion.  Lastly, and I think most interestingly, it equips one to consider the impact of activities upon different groups within society, and therefore gives a greater sense of empathy and understanding of others.