Graduate Qualities

Outside of University, I have a wide range of experiences which have contributed to my skill set.  Working in IT support roles for over 10 years, I have experience working with corporate mainframe based systems and large wide area networks, through to point of sale and practice management systems running on a single server.  Running my own businesses for 5 years taught me as much about my weaknesses as it did my strengths, and I recognise the limitations of my skills and knowledge.

My studies in history and ancient history (I am studying part time for a Bachelor of Arts (History and Ancient History)) have taught me to be a better communicator, but also that nothing is ever as simple as one party would have you believe.  A certain amount of scepticism is healthy in all endeavours.

My hobbies in electronics and 3d printing demonstrate that technology delivers constant opportunities to learn and improve in almost any field.  No doubt Henry Ford thought he had reached the pinnacle of manufacturing, yet 3d printing techniques are revolutionising many manufacturing processes, highlighting the folly of the sentiment that “everything that can be invented has been”.

In 2015, I have volunteered as a mentor to a group of 20 first year students, with the aim of smoothing their transition into university life.

I have travelled quite extensively, particularly around Europe.  I lived in England for over 2 years, while working for a Software company as a Support Engineer.  While England is comparable to Australia in many ways, it is different in a surprising number of ways too.  In this time I developed a new sense of appreciation for Australia, and no doubt grew more tolerant of those with different backgrounds, languages and ethnicities.

During my time in Europe I travelled widely, and met a range of diverse people, many of whom I still communicate with today.  To date, I have visited 17 countries, plus Australia.